Facial cleansing 'The Heavenly - Coco Glow'

Ultra-mild facial cleansing for clear and radiantly beautiful skin

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Water (AQUA), organic coconut oil (COCOS NUCIFERA OIL), rapeseed oil (BRASSICA NAPUS OIL), shea butter (BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII BUTTER), sunflower oil (HELIANTHUS ANNUUS SEED OIL), sodium hydroxide (SODIUM HYDROXIDE), babassu oil (ORBIGNYA PHALERATA OIL) , coconut milk powder (COCOS NUCIFERA MILK POWDER), natural whitening agent (TITANIUM DIOXIDE), vegetable glycerin (GLYCERIN), fragrance (PARFUME), essential tangerine oil (CITRUS RETICULATA BL.), neutral oil (CAPRYIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE;) vitamin E (TOCOPHEROL ;) lecithin (LECITHIN;) citric acid (ASCORBYL PALMITATE), allergens from essential oils (LIMONENE, COUMARIN, BENZYL BENZOATE)

Straight from heaven! The mildest facial cleanser you've ever experienced

With the fine Kabuki brush you transform the firm facial cleansing into a heavenly soft foam - full of effective active ingredients.

Nourishing coconut milk in combination with valuable organic oils cleanses the skin down to the pores and has a maximum anti-inflammatory effect without drying out. The natural skin barrier is strengthened and blood circulation stimulated. Subsequent care ingredients are ideally absorbed by the skin.

Facial Cleansing Soap
Ultra-mild facial cleansing for clear and radiantly beautiful skin

Ceramic jar with a bamboo lid, including kabuki brush

75 g

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Customer reviews

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Cornelia Scriber Scriber
Am thrilled

I love foam for facial cleansing, because only then do I feel really clean. The Heavenly lathers up a lot, is easy to apply and my skin is squeaky clean. I will definitely buy again.

just perfect

The brush idea is great! I personally like the application much better than an ordinary facial soap. The foaming and application with the soft brush works perfectly and is very pleasant. This mild and gentle cleansing is very good for my skin!

Shirley van Alphen

I am using this facial cleaner for a week now and I am really disappointed. I love coconut smell but there isn't any, it smells like the green soap bars my grandparents used when I was a little girl. Also after using this my face feels really dry and instantaneously dehydrated. This is why I feel the price is way too high for this product.

Thank you for your message.

It's too bad you don't like our face wash. In fact, it is true that it smells very little like coconut. You have to know that the classic coconut scent as you know it is always synthetic. Since, according to our product philosophy, we use only purely natural and no synthetic ingredients and fragrances, the product has the original very subtle coconut scent.
Also true is that soap is always slightly alkaline. This fact leaves a slightly dull feeling on the skin even with 'over-fatted soaps'. This is ideally balanced with a toner (with us, for example THE ELIXIR) and subsequent care (THE BEAUTY, THE BEAST, THE LOVELY).


Chapeau, chapeau, dear I want you naked team. Great what you invent for famous products. After I soaped, peeled and oiled my way through your program - now my new favorite - my brother surprised me with it for my birthday - The Heavenly - great. I've never brushed myself - brushed? - a great feeling. And it smells wonderful. The many small foam bubbles on the skin feel like pearls. And the day care then slips into the skin very quickly. All in all like a dream - heavenly.


Cleans the face very well without drying it out. Applying it with a brush is a dream. And the scent too ??. I love your products ??!

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