Together we can achieve a lot

In the end everyone has to decide for themselves what they can do. Or want.
It's definitely hard to be perfect. But it's easy to just start.


You can buy refillers for many of our products. And use it to refill your glass with an aroma or milk bath. Or your dispenser for body wash or liquid soap. Incidentally, our refill bags are made from recycled PET.


You know the horrible photos of littered beaches and floating plastic carpets in the sea. What we can all do is buy less plastic. As far as possible we use glass or uncoated paper for our products.


We completely avoid synthetic additives in our products. This is good for your skin, but also good for nature.

Last but not least, our product recipes are also particularly sustainable. We do without cheap fillers and rely on highly concentrated active ingredient formulas. This means that our products are very productive and one of our products can often replace several conventional products.


We have set up our own program to take back empty vessels. We even pay for the return shipping and reward your commitment with 10 euros.

Thank you for being a part.

By buying and using our products, you are not only doing yourself and your skin good!